Why You Should Only Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer

bullet imagebullet imageLittle girls across Australia are at this moment dreaming of growing up and getting married to their personal Prince Charming. Today's new brides, since childhood, have pictured themselves riding away with their handsome new husband into the sunset of their exciting and unknown future. They are bolstered by bubbles and birdseed, and by the warm wishes of their dearest family and friends. As the light fades and the couple grows smaller in the frame, their photographer gently presses the shutter for a final exquisite shot. It is a most special day, and it deserves to be captured by a most special wedding photographer, such as James Bennett (http://jamesbennett.com.au).

When choosing a wedding photographer, the primary thing a couple should remember is never to hire an amateur. The reasons are simple: other than the rings and each other, when everything is said and done, the photographs are all that is left to preserve the memories of that remarkable day. A professional will not only make certain you get the desired shots, but also, that they're of the highest quality. An amateur photographer is an amateur. If you wouldn't trust an amateur electrician to rewire your home, an amateur stockbroker to invest your money, they why would you even consider trusting an amateur photographer with the responsibility of preserving some of the most important memories of your life? Perhaps you are unaware of just how many things can go wrong with wedding photography!

Lovely wedding photographs require a photographer to have an in-depth knowledge of lighting. Every environment is different. It is up to the photographer to understand precisely how to balance the natural and available ambient light with his camera's flash. He must be skilled in posing, and in capturing and coaxing expression. Electronic camera connections are notoriously finicky. Shutters malfunction. Lenses drop and break. A primary difference between an amateur and a professional Wedding Photographer is that the professional always, ALWAYS carries backups of essential equipment. No exceptions. Sometimes, he even has backups of backups! Like as not, an amateur's backup is his phone. Additionally, most pros bring assistants with them, a necessity for occasions where events unfold simultaneously.

A last word of advice – please do not permit any of your family members to be your official photographer, no matter how much they wish to do so or how great a camera they have. Should the unspeakable occur, and something go wrong and there be no photographs, that tragedy would always be a sore spot in what was previously an untroubled family relationship. Family is too important to take that chance. Let your relatives simply enjoy being guests at your wedding. The hands-down best way to be sure to get exquisite photographs that you'll reminisce over on your future anniversaries, is simply to hire the best professional photographer you can afford!